Instructor rating

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We are currently inviting students who have completed or almost completed Canadian CPL to train towards Instructor Rating at Laurentide Aviation.

Duration: 3-4 months.  Cost: $8,000.

We will need at least four full time instructors in Spring 2018.

Prices going down

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Let’s celebrate 150 years of Canada with new LOWER aircraft rental prices.

The Cessna 152 is now $132.95 per hour.  The Cessna 172 is $159.95 per hour, and our multi-engine trainer, the Grumman Cougar is now $284.95 per hour.

Obtaining a Multi-Engine rating at Laurentide Aviation

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Laurentide Aviation is an ideal place to get your multi engine rating. Being located at a quiet uncontrolled airport very close to the practice area allows us to provide efficient and complete training without unnecessary costly delays.  Our Grumman Cougar is an easy aircraft to fly. All this translates into low price for our students.

Our aircraft and simulator are priced very competitively. We have several experienced instructors who will help you through all stages of your training and will accommodate any student’s schedule.