International Students

Why Canada?

Due to a very favorable exchange rate your training costs as well as cost of living are among the lowest. Canadian licences are internationally recognized and well respected all over the world. Our climate offers realistic all-seasons training.

Why Montreal?

Montreal is located on a flat terrain which has uniform weather patterns over large distances, which allows our students to do their cross country flights more often than in mountainous regions of Canada. Montreal is located in a close proximity to many other major airports to the West, North and East, which allows for many interesting cross country destinations.  With many sunny days and calm to moderate winds, most days in a year are good for flying.  Cost of living in Montreal is lower than in other major Canadian cities.

Why Laurentide Aviation?

Laurentide Aviation is located at a calm uncontrolled airport which translates into significant savings to our students due to minimum waiting time while the engine is running.   Our flight school has a large reliable fleet and many highly experienced career instructors committed to help our students to complete their training as quickly as possible at the lowest possible cost.


Students are required to be fluent in speaking and reading English and have completed high school education or equivalent.

Housing and transport

Affordable accommodation is available in close proximity to the airport.  The flight school will arrange students’ pick up and drop off at their place of residence.

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