Why Laurentide Aviation?


Flying at busy airports means spending more time and money on the ground taxiing and waiting for clearance. Laurentide Aviation is located at a quiet uncontrolled airport allowing students to get in the air and in to the practice area quickly.

Laurentide Aviation is located close three major Canadian airports, offering experience in controlled airspace.


Laurentide Aviation is conveniently located just 30 minutes away from the city, 15-20 minutes away from the West Island, accessible by both highway 20 and 40.

With the newly developed highway 30 we are just a short drive from the South Shore.


Our fleet of seven single engine Cessna aircraft offers consistency and dependability to students.  We also offer a Grumman Cougar for multi-engine training.


Our in-house Aircraft Maintenance Engineers perform top-notch regular inspections going beyond mandated standards.


Laurentide Aviation was founded in 1946 and has consistently achieved high marks with Transport Canada.


Our large classroom, equipped with all necessary visual aids and materials is a perfect environment for professional pilot training.


We offer customized bilingual instruction to suit any style of learning.


Laurentide Aviation is hands down the best place to earn a pilot's license in Quebec. They're flexible, friendly, and most importantly, trustworthy. I feel incredibly confident about my flying abilities after working with them! Thanks!

Andrew Just

A BIG THANK YOU to Laurentide Aviation. At last minute today's cross country was cancelled and replaced by my flight test and I am happy to say I PASSED! Its all thanks to this amazing flight school and the best instructor (Chris Kikessis) a guy could ask for. If you ever decide to follow your dream to fly I suggest laurentide over all others!!

Cliffert Peschlow